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First backpack of Fall 2020!

I finally made it back to Crater Lake. I visited when I was about 8 or 9 with my grandparents on a road trip to a family reunion in Oregon. It made an impression on me then. I think my grandpa would be proud that I had an adventure here. If he could see me now...

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2 comentarios

28 ene 2021

You are so inspiring!

Me gusta

13 dic 2020

Just discovered your youtube channel. Love your camera work!!! There are so many unwatchable videos out there, but not yours.

I live in Alberta Canada and am curious if you went to Johnson Canyon when you went to Banff?

It is an amazing trail, if you can avoid all the tour groups.

Also Writing on Stone is a great easy trail near the Montana border that I love.

Me gusta
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