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Overnight Adventure in Canyonlands!

Join me on a solo Spring adventure in Canyonlands National Park. I deal with strong winds, freezing temps and even snow flurries. These conditions are a recipe for an epic sunset and sunrise as a backdrop for the incredible red rock canyons of Canyonlands National Park.

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Joe Azzara
Joe Azzara
Mar 28, 2022

Hi Catherine, I always look forward to your adventures and hope to meet you sometime in the future. I’m a retired full-timer traveling in my class C RV so unfortunately I cant get into some of the areas and experience the sites that you do. Best of Luck😀


Apr 07, 2021

Hi Catherine I live in Arkansas. Wish I could have met you my freind 👍🏻🙂


Tim Irvin
Tim Irvin
Apr 06, 2021

I know you passed through my State, Arkansas, not long ago. This is our State Photographer. (Not Officially but kind of) Tim Earnst. I have some of his prints on my walls and soon I will have a couple of CatPhotos as well! Keep Shootiing! Stay Safe!


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